Blockchain technology has emerged and significantly noticed since the finance popularity, within which Bitcoin has created a breaking point for the fin-tech industry for many years. However, finance is actually just a small area of blockchain application whereas there are many more  higher value business activities that blockchain can be utilized. Aware of this potentiality, Unicorn company generates a separate blockchain platform to meet the needs of diverse business activities and people’s lives.

  1. Unicorn Surf network

The core of Unicorn is the Unicorn Surf network based on superior blockchain technology that increases processing speed while ensuring data security and transparency. Unicorn creates 2 networks - main net and test net -  with operational and testing functions, which are always upgraded to reach the simplest but most beneficial version for all individuals and business people to use.

  1. Data stratification processing technology

Besides, Unicorn applies data stratification processing technology with different scale and properties. The first layer/network  allows data processed through personal electronic devices such as smartphones, smart watches and other devices with operating systems at home. However, the processing speed is very slow. To solve this problem, the second network will join in if the first layer has not finished processing data within 2 or 3 second. The second network with supercomputers or quantum computers will accelerate the processing speed for either normal transactions or large amounts of data storage up to Gigabit within only 1 to 3 seconds. The only limit is the internet connection in that area. This data stratification processing model makes a big change in blockchain technology application, meeting the criteria of distributed data, security, anonymity but transparency, high speed, and low cost.

  1. Hybrid Smart Contract 
    A miraculous step in improving the blockchain source code to adapt multiple business areas. Ethereum with the appearance of smart contract (SMC) is considered to be the first blockchain source to create a great influence in the financial industry. However, Ethereum's smart contract cannot go beyond a mere financial framework. Therefore, in order to apply SMC in real life, Unicorn programming team has added the Hybrid Smart Contract with fundamental technical solutions to adapt various economic activities.
  1. STO Platform

Passing the financial segment, Unicorn entered the global stock sector with STO Platform. The size of the blockchain financial market in 2019 has only reached $200 billion, while the stock market size of the NYSE alone (US) has exceeded 23 trillion USD since 2016, more than 100 times. If taken on a global scale, these numbers are much bigger in different countries. With the advantages of the separate blockchain platform, Unicorn creates STO Platform to prepare a technological and legal roadmap for all partners to blockchainize companies' shares and activities.

The STO is a breakthrough for companies to generate and manage all shares by the superior blockchain platform without having to spend too much money while ensuring safety and transparency. According to business experts concerning the market trends in the upcoming years, blockchainizing company’s stocks and shares are inevitable; and Unicorn has pioneered the solutions.

  1. Education and Government policy

Sustainable development of blockchain model needs communities education and consultation from the Government policy. Any business activities must follow the Government regulations of the host country. Thus, whenever expanding its operations, Unicorn establishes a legal entity or connects with local partners to support and research indigenous legal technology. At the same time, Unicorn team combine to expand community education to improve knowledge and technology transfer, thereby spreading the ecosystem.

  1. Business Gateway

The Business Gateway solution provides easy connectivity for all businesses when accessing blockchain technology platform as well as enterprising financial solutions. Also, Business Gateway helps businesses actively handle operations such as raising capital, issuing bonds, stocks, marketing, managing human resources, and operating production processes, etc.

  1. Unic Brain

Unic Brain is the first artificial intelligence platform built on blockchain technology, creating premises for education and training development, and automatically solving complex business models. This is expected to be the core change in the next few decades and confident to compete with Google.

  1. Unic Chain - The global ecosystem network of traditional businesses combines the application of blockchain technology and A.I.

Unicorn Company has started to cooperate with different partners to promote and connect economic activities such as: Google for using the processing system of map data; Facebook for processing the data of users’ routine; - a decentralized trading wallet network utilizing the latest data codes of Ethereum and Unicorn network; to learn about travel habits and behaviors;

Grab in shipping operations in different countries; Startup to create an e-commerce supermarket chain between buyers and sellers around the world that applies blockchain for customer data storage.

  1. ID Verify Platform

ID Verify Platform is based on blockchain technology for multi-domain traceability activities, stored and authenticated by the third-party network to ensure reliability. Typically, the e-commerce system will use the seller data verified by blockchain to determine that this is a real and trustworthy seller. Additionally, all parties’ transactions are saved for the buyers community to evaluate the sellers. Many other traceability activities can use the ID Verify platform to reduce other complex verification procedures. Ones Mart will be the first partner to apply this technology in e-commerce. In the future, this ID Verify platform will expand to all different fields like agriculture, consumer goods, high-tech products, etc. Government worldwide can even apply ID Verify for national-level management such as brand identity, personal data, business data, etc.

  1. Development roadmap

Unicorn's development roadmap is the first stage for the potential transition in the future. Unicorn team's plan is as following:

November 2019: Announcing the technical whitepaper of Unicorn Surf network ( Unicorn Fintech Company in the United Kingdom ( will be appointed to transfer Unicorn’s blockchain technology worldwide.

Mid-November 2019: Cooperating with to issue OPC blockchain code for the conversion activity from Unicorn blockchain codes to legal currencies.

December 2019: Together with, launching the second STO after Hera, as the OGS of this e-commerce chain, and releasing OC as a blockchain code dedicated to coupon promotion.

2020 is expected to be the boom year of the STO Platform when there are more than 5 companies developing their shares based on Unicorn's STO.

August 2020: Unicorn team will announce Unic Traceverify, the origin traceability platform used in commerce and agriculture to generate transparency in products origin and transactions.


Unicorn has initiated blochain revolution, breaking the limit that "blockchain is only for finance" to bring blockchain technology industry into practical business applications. With the ambition of blockchainizing a part of the stock market and solving other business problems, a lot more opportunities are opened up for Unicorn because there are few competitors with technical strengths in the market now.



UNICORN is a complete blockchain and cryptocurrency project. The UNICORN develops a smart platform for finding upgrade features on any protocol you have developed before.

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